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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 10:44 pm
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Not only am I trying to organize my library.  I am organizing the Drum Barracks library.  Didn't have any tours one day and nothing else I was supose to do .  I just can't see driving a half hour to forty five minutes one way to just sit around .  Sooo I wandered into the library which is my favorite room anyway.   I looked at the biography section first.  There was no rhyme no reason to it, Lee was mixed in with Lincoln, books that had Lee, Grant or Lincoln in the title were filed under those names but the book would be about someone who worked with one of the men.  I have all the biographies done.  I have the Campaign section done in Alphabetical Order .  I started to do it by state , I also did it by Cronological order but talking to others who use the library went by to straight Alphabetical.   I have made sections for weapons, war on the water ,uniforms  and accoutrements , and science section .  I have several sections to go .  The fun part is I will know exactly what books are in the library when I am done and as a docent I can check them out and take them home to read.  :D

I am working now on the California history section in another bookcase .  That and the straight reference section .  Making nice new labels for the cases too.  I will get this all done and then a new major donation arrives.  One of the paid employees enters the information in the data base, but I will get to organize on the shelf.  Two older gentlemen came to visit a few weeks ago . Liked what they saw and heard and are donating their libaries to us .  One will arrive in the next few months the other is for five years or so down the line.   This is how we are building the libary, from these donations .  Any duplicates we put on a special shelf in the gift shop and sell , that money goes right back into buying books we don't have for the library.

Now back to work on my home library . 


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