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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 11:27 pm
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I go to school full-time and work close to full time (25-35 hrs a week). I have a small appartment with no book-cases or actual shelves to speak of. Because of this my method of book organization may be unfamiliar to many here-I stack them. Thats right, stack them, one on top of the other according to the approximate size of the book in question-bigger books on the bottom, smaller books on top. Its a pretty small appartment so I have to be smart about optimizing my stacking space.

 I have had more than a few incredulous looks from first time visitors (Many kids my age pertaining to the fact that I have so many, or any, books at all and older people that my method of organization is distasteful in some way I suppose). I apologize if this "stacking" method is unsettling to you readers-whether it be too revolutionary or antiquated or just plain slobbenly for your taste. Alas, if the means were there, perhaps I would be as organized as some of you...and perhaps not. I like to think it gives my apartment character in a way that most apartments lack, a sort of uniqueness only found in homes and not mere rental spaces.


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