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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2007 11:57 pm
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Orphan , works for you doesn't it?  I have had stacks many times in my life.  Have them now because I am trying to redo the bookcases and get them more organized and I have run out of bookcases.   I think it is great you are actually reading and it seems reading other things besides what is required in class .  That must come as a shock to some people but I would think to to any of us in this chat room. 

I have a series of one panel cartoons that ran in my local newspaper back sometime ago.  They all had the same title above the picture.  Each picture showed people in some crisis such as the soldier in a fox hole with all hell breaking lose around him.  He is frozen with his face frozen in fear.  The title above as in every one of the cartoons was . . . FEAR OF NOTHING TO READ. 

Enjoy your stacks.  :)


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