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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2007 01:39 am
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"Unless it's from James McPherson?"

Wowser, Pvt. Clewell, I really put a bug up your, er, nose, didn't I? =+++.

I am neither arbitrarily dismissing, or setting aside, McPherson, I am challenging him as having a notable bias.  And, since you just a bit ago moved that discussion back to the other thread, let's take it there.

All this is distracting from TD's most exceptional posts.  Haven't had a chance to read them all in detail yet, but one, a couple back was, in my (yes, subjective) opinion,  one of the highest quality posts that I have read on any board.  My hat's off to TD there. 

And no, it is not because it backs up my viewpoint or some such thing, it is because I've just learned a great deal of pertinent info by reading it.  My horizons were notably broadened by reading it, and I am now anxious to learn more.

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