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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Lew Rockwell... nuff said; no credibility at all. Stephens credibility can be questioned as he switched his positions more often than Slick Willy, especially if his previous words might be taken in a poor light. That said he was far more honest than anything I've ever seen on Lew Rockwell site. In no way would I be suprised to find creative editing done to the piece. The site isn't sludge, but excrement.

When klan sites, white supremo & multiple anti US sites eagerly link to said site there is a reason for it. It stretches the credibility of anyone who links to the Rockwell site.

The divorce anology was put forward to show how ridiculous such an anology is and how it can be twisted however one wants. I think you got the point.

Declaring War on a govt... what exactly is such a purpose but to damage it all one can? The CS had no intent to leave peacefully that is painfully obvious from firing on US flagged ships, seizing anything they could, calling up 100,000 troops (to pick cotton?), falsley imprisoning it's citizens and soldiers, and finally firing upon it's troops.

THe CS had no intentionof honoring the Constitution or the laws of the land. We will never know if Secession was a real right, they feared what the courts would find so they didn't use them. They feared the ballot &the courts so they used the gun. What they didn't count on was the US being willing to shoot back.

The Lost Cause was not created to benefit the common soldier of the CS it was created to harm what it's creators hated & despised. It was anti US then, it's anti US now. No different than the modern anti war/anti US movement just more articulate, even less above board and far, far more effective.

I respect the men who were on the sharp end, men who sacrificed their health, wealth and very lives; not the gutless wonders who sent them there. I apologize if I see very little to respect in men like Cobb, Yancy, Rhett or even the annointed one of Davis. They were conninving politicians and nothing more it would be better if history forgot them... in a sense it has.

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