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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2007 05:20 pm
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  You can question Stephens' credibility regarding what he said about the Hampton Roads Conference if you wish to. But he was there and you were not. Until you can find some information to dispute what he said about it, then I will find him a more credible source than you on the subject.

  You are certainly riled up about the divorce analogy. But the states that seceded wanted out of their previous connection to the United States, and declared their right to remove themselves from it. We can argue the legality of that if you wish. But they saw no reason to consult any court, only the Constitution as it was written.

  You keep harping on the Confederacy: "declaring war on a government." But war was not their intention. They weren't going to go and attack Boston Harbor. They even sent peace ambassadors to Washington. If they had just demanded that federal property be moved or abandoned (with compensation offered), and federal troops leave southern territory, would that have made any difference? I think not. It would not have changed the attitude of Abraham Lincoln.

  It was the U.S. Government that made the choice to have a war. It was Mr. Lincoln's choice. States like Virginia were given the choice of supplying troops to suppress their fellow southerners, or leaving the Union. It was understood what their choice would be, which is why the Union troops were ready to invade Virginia a few hours after it voted to secede.

  I don't see the act of secession as failing to: "honor the Constitution." The southerners felt that they were exercising their rights allowed by the Constitution.

  I am not an admirer of the fire-eaters. I do, however, feel a certain amount of sympathy for Jefferson Davis. He had a task put on him that I think would have been impossible for any man. However, to you and others, anyone expressing any sympathy for Davis or any others associated with the Confederate Government is dismissed as a : "Lost Causer," or some such thing.

  If southern independence had been achieved, these men would now be considered great heroes in the history books. Obviously, it is the side who wins a war who decides who the heroes were, and who the war criminals were. The Civil War was no different.

  As for Abraham Lincoln, I consider him to be one of the greatest American presidents. He knew how to exercise power. He knew how to rally the populace. He became the subject of great adulation, and still his. However, that said, I would say as well that you can also view him as a successful example of a : "conniving politician."

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