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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2007 09:52 pm
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The top 10 rumors about Abraham Lincoln:

1) He invented the Internet

2) He wore a stove-pipe hat because his hair is really more poofy than Lyle Lovett's hair

3) Gen. McLellan hid his un-used army in Licoln's hat, but didn't tell him. Frequently, "Little Mac" over-estimated Lincoln's hat size.

4) Lincoln was really 3'2" tall, but wore "lifts" in his shoes.

5) He faked his death in order to re-record "Lorena" as "Love Me Tender".

6) He stole his jokes from Milton Berle.

7) He actually practiced law without a license, becomming the basis for the character of "Everett" (George Clooney) in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

8) He thought the Black Hawk War was a fight between a Chicago hockey team and the Canadians.

9) Thought he should be on the $10,000 bill, and Salmon Chase on the $5 bill.

10)  In regards to going to Ford's Theater, he told his wife "I need to see "Our American Cousin" like I need a hole in the head!"


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