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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 12:34 am
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I finished the book a few months ago, and while your inquiry didn't ring any bells with me, I raced back to the book to check. Basically, what I found was that he was tormented by disunion upon his return from Texas. Here is what Pryor writes:

"Lee, shocked at the thought of dismantling the nation, maintained that disunion was 'anarchy' and that 'secession is nothing but revolution. Exasperated with extremists both north and south, he decried equally the 'aggressions' of the former and 'the selfish & dictatorial bearing' of the latter...Lee's distress was so acute that it fractured the correct demeanor he normally cultivated. Not only did he startle his colleagues by exploding with rage when secessionists tried prematurely to force his resignation, he broke down when he heard that Texas had actually left the Union. 'I shall never forget his look of astonishment...his lips trembling and his eyes full of tears,' a friend wrote that bleak February day."

There is no other mention of Texas prior to his meeting with Scott that I can find or recall.

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