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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 02:02 am
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I am not the one condeming the site because it has documents on it that I don't agree with. Lew Rockwell is not the author of the vast majority of the articles, documents, whatever that appear on his site. I disagree with many of the authors on the site, but do not condemn the whole but rather, the offending individual authors.

Additionally, not all opinion authors, and that is just what many are, are researchers...they are writing opinion pieces, and while they are 3 for a quarter, they are still allowed in the United States. Some are pretty good researchers and detectives. The Duke LaCrosse players might well be sitting in a jail cell now for a crime that never happened had it not been for Dr. Wm Anderson and his articles calling for an investigation of what did and did not happen that night. ..Most of this was brought to light on LRC.

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