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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 03:39 am
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  We seem to be in agreement that war was inevitable, perhaps for different reasons. But, for whatever reason, that seems to have been the reality.

  We differ in our views of Davis. As a military officer, he won praise in the Mexican War for his actions at Buena Vista and Monterrey. He even won over his former father-in-law, Zachary Taylor, who was not one of his admirers many years before that.

  I believe that Davis could have been successful as a division commander. Above that, I'm not so sure. One of his greatest faults was excessive loyalty to his friends, which made him hesitate to remove commanders who should have been sacked.

  Even  with all his faults, I'm not sure that any other individual could have been successful as CSA president. If Mr. Lincoln had been less adept as a politician, the south might have achievied its independence. But, as the situation was, all the southerners could do is go on and hope that the will of the northerners could be gradually worn down. After the Election of 1864, it was clear that that was not to be.

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