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 Posted: Mon Mar 15th, 2010 02:11 pm
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Grumpy Geezer

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I don't think the impact of this story has sunk in with a lot of people. If you have ever stood near McPherson's Barn and gazed across Wiloughby Run to Herr's Ridge, imagining the 1st day action, try imagining it with hundreds of homes smack in the middle of the view.

Zoning allows hundreds of homes
A builder plans to buy former Gettysburg Country Club, which is zoned residential.
[ Sun: Zoning allows hundreds of homes]By TIM PRUDENTE [/url]

There's still no word on what will become of the once-manicured lawns of the Gettysburg Country Club. But, under current Cumberland Township zoning, the former golf course could become a development of tightly clustered houses.
The site's 120 acres - which saw significant action during the Battle of Gettysburg - are zoned as residential, which would allow up to 3.5 housing units per developable acre. That doesn't mean 420 houses could be built there, zoning officials say, because some of the acreage will be allotted for infrastructure and open-space requirements.
Still, rules would allow more than 3.5 units on some acres because of the township's "cluster" zoning provision. The provision allows for a greater density of dwellings in proportion to "open space," which can take the shape of ponds and waterways.



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 Posted: Mon Mar 15th, 2010 03:45 pm
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Call me a cynic, but...I would guess that Woodhaven Building and Development will announce a plan to develop this property with tightly clustered housing. Then the CWPT and possibly other preservation groups will get involved, asking members (like you and me) to pony up to buy the land from Woodhaven for at least twice as much as Woodhaven paid for it.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe for some the thrill of actually living on the Gettysburg battlefield will push the price of the houses up to more than the houses are actually worth, and Woodhaven will get their money that way. I don't know.

Just thinking out loud, but know matter what, this situation is both disgusting and frustrating to me.

 Posted: Mon Mar 15th, 2010 07:41 pm
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Call me a cynic too, then, TimK. Building hundreds of new houses in this market doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I think. Threatening it, though, to drive up the price wouldn't surprise me.

If the Feds had the money/inclination I'd be all behind an emminent domain proceding.

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