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 Posted: Thu Jan 27th, 2011 08:58 am
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A widely seen weed which becomes the cause of headache for serious gardeners is Creeping Charlie or Ground ivy. This is an aromatic, perennial, evergreen creeper of the mint family. These weeds are mostly seen to thrive in moist shady areas, but many times it is found to love sun light also. These are native to Europe, and are widely encountered in most regions of the U.S. Its rhizomatous method of reproduction is the reason for the spread of this ground ivy. Also, you may have happened to see a variegated version of creeping Charlie that is being sold at many nurseries. These weeds are having a squarish stem which varies in length from dark green to purple. And it bears flowers which are in the shape of a funnel and are found in bluish purple color. This plant spreads fast to form a dense mat over the ground.

Most of the gardeners do not find creeping Charlie as a wild ground cover; instead they try to get rid of it considering it is a lawn weed. In order to kill this invasive weed, usually gardeners spray glyphosate based herbicides such as roundup. Also there exists a popular home remedy for killing creeping Charlie which involves the use of Borax. In Sydney building inspections conducted by pest and building inspection experts help the people to get the most scientific method of eradicating this invasive weed. Use of glyphosate and Borax based remedy are found to be useful by many. And there is a funny part of its story that this weed was intentionally brought to North America by European settlers.

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