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 Posted: Thu May 22nd, 2014 04:47 pm
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Norse mythology describes the Battle of Heodenings, where two phantom armies fight for all eternity, the dead rising daily to renew the fight afresh. Is something like this happening on the Civil War battlefield at Manassas, Virginia?

Paula Ann Kirby, author of A Yankee Roams at Dusk, describes two types of hauntings that may be occurring at Manassas, (1) residual hauntings, which are a manifestation of stored up energy replaying endlessly like an old movie, and (2) intelligent hauntings, which are rare instances in which ghosts try to interact with the living.

 Posted: Fri May 23rd, 2014 03:41 am
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Keep in mind Flint that many of the war's battlefields are supposed to be haunted. And I've heard of at least a few where Federal and Confederate troops are reported as being locked in battle. My personal guess is the majority would indeed be residual. Reports of ghosts tied to the battlefields where the ghosts do appear to interact with the living usually don't include the ghosts busy fighting each other. Rather it's like you come across a lost soldier, or sentries, or officers or soldiers (or civilians) in camp or a building. The actual fighting on the battlefield is usually reported as being like watching a movie or listening to a record/tape/cd/MP3. It always starts around the same time and it is almost always the same each time, as f psychically imprinted into the battlefield itself to be replayed at a later date. That's residual.

But I for one do thank you for this since I am fascinated with th ghost story aspect of the war.

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